What We Do

Whether you are a real estate broker or sales agent, first-time buyer, seller, investor, mortgage lender, developer, or borrower who is refinancing their home, we have years of experience in real estate settlements or closings. 

We work with our underwriter to obtain a title search of the property being sold. We work with surveyors, brokers, municipal lien search companies, homeowner's association management companies, lenders, and others to check the status of the title of the property being sold. 

We review the documents that are produced to us and determine what must be done or prepared to clear those items from the title so that marketable title to the property can be conveyed to the buyer. We then prepare the documents, collect the funds from the buyer, the lender, the escrow agent, and -- in some cases -- the 1031 exchange agent. We then ensure the documents are all properly signed, and ready for recording as needed. Then, when everything is confirmed to be cleared, we disburse the funds and executed documents to the appropriate parties.


At your table; at your convenience - Cutting Edge Technology

We strive to make the closing process as streamlined and transparent as possible for everyone involved. Sometimes, this means that we will come to your home or office after hours or on weekends to execute the closing documents. We use technology like this site and the order forms and cost estimators as well as electronic mail, electronic signatures, and cloud-based transaction management applications to ensure documents are easily viewed and executed at your convenience. We electronically record the deed, mortgage, and other title documents in every jurisdiction available to ensure the gap between closing and recording is as short as possible. Our escrow accounts are automatically reconciled each night to ensure your funds are safe. We also provide the buyer/borrower and seller each a digital key at closing that contains secure access to all signed documents in an encrypted cloud-based service where the documents can be viewed and even printed at any time.

REALTOR Involved - Purchase and Sale

We work hand in hand with real estate brokers and agents to gather information related to the transaction and to collect the funds needed for the closing. We keep the REALTORs engaged in the transaction with regular updates. We are not in any affiliated business arrangements with any real estate brokerages, so REALTORs can be confident that -- when they refer a buyer or seller to use PCS Title for their closing -- they are not supporting a title agency that is sharing its profits with their competition, and one that is truly independent in its judgment. We will come to your office to close the transaction if you would like, and the parties are given digital keys after closing that not only provide a secure gateway to view and print their executed documents, but also act as a reminder of your involvement in their transaction day and night.

For Sale by Owner (FSBO)

We understand that some folks handle the marketing and sale of their property without the assistance of a REALTOR. In those instances, we understand that the seller and buyer will often need more assistance with completing the closing. For that reason, we've created an online guide for FSBO sellers and buyers at www.pcstitlefsbo.com. Our in-house attorney can assist the parties with preparation of the contract and the appropriate disclosures and addenda to comply with the law. Our staff can suggest home inspectors, termite inspectors, septic tank inspectors, and appraisers as well as mortgage lenders. If needed, our in-house attorney can even prepare pre-occupancy or post-occupancy agreements if needed by the parties. Feel free to use the closing cost estimator on this website to estimate the seller's net proceeds, or the buyers' closing costs and mortgage payments. When the closing is complete, be assured that the digital closing keys we provide to you at closing

Real Estate Investors

The owner and staff of PCS Title are very familiar with investor-owned purchases and sales. They have been involved with wholesalers, buy-and-hold investors, rehabbers, flippers, and exchangers since the company's founding, working actively with local real estate investors associations and private lenders as well as self-directed IRA custodians. Our affiliated land trustee company can make the closing transaction even more convenient when an investor wishes to segregate liabilities while retaining anonymity of ownership. Our closers are accustomed to working with first-time buyers and nervous sellers together with the investor to ensure the transaction closes as smoothly and transparently as possible. The online digital key that we provide at closing allows the parties to access their executed closing documents at any time, and can be a great marketing tool for investors who want to continue to cultivate their prospects of buyers and sellers for years to come.

Mortgage Lenders - Refinances and Home Equity Lines of Credit

We are qualified and authorized to work with multiple mortgage lenders, including the largest mortgage underwriters in the United States. We are compliant with the Seven Pillars of the American Land Title Association, and have been properly and completely vetted by lenders as well as underwriters to ensure that we are properly licensed, insured, bonded, and constantly training to make sure we stay abreast of changes in the laws which come quickly in the real estate settlement industry.

Real Estate Developers

We work with residential real estate developers, custom home builders, and commercial developers to tailor closing and settlement fees for their transactions that take into account the similarity of each transaction whether it is in a subdivision, condominium project, or even a retail or office condominium. Developers can take comfort in the fact that PCS Title does not engage in affiliated business arrangements with their competitors such that the profits from the developer's closings may be shared with the developer's competitors. Our in-house attorney has over 20 years of experience in preparing builder/developer purchase contracts, and our staff has over a combined 60 years of experience in working with some of the largest developers in Florida. We can close in your sales center on site if you prefer, and the digital keys we provide the buyers to access their documents in the future will remind them each time they access the records that you built their dream home